Act Cage Soccer System

Economical and practical: modular construction and  cost-effective components for installation
Quality artificial turf systems: superior sports performance in line with FIFA standard
Durable: Has been successfully applied in a number of ACT clubs

ACT football cage specification:

 Type  5-aside/Multi Functional Field
 Installation  Stationary Welding
 Cage Roof  Without /with cage roof (soft net)
 Cage Size  40m * 20m/ Customized
 Fencing Height  6~7m
 Lighting LED professional sports lighting (6 ~ 8 lamps)
 Player seats  Team shelter (optional)
 Goal post  3m * 2m Iron Made


Features of ACT football Cage:
Sports professional LED lighting, Uniform
and anti-glare imported light, can adjust
illumination. Low energy consumption
and long service life.
Corrugated sheet and nylon net
Corrugated high-strength orange fenders,
combined with a thick  line, lightweight
and durable soft nylon mesh

ACT artificial turf
Infilled or Non-in filled artificial turf system
for options. With perfect sports
performance, durability, safety and comfort.
ACT player seats (optional)
High quality player seats with weatherproof
Ceiling for coaches, players and spectators to
provide comfortable onditions for rest.


Tel:+86-20-3879 6000
Fax:+86-20-3879 6100
E-mail:[email protected]

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